The DofE Baking Course costs £125 and includes achievement certificates, progress review and sign-off.

Learn Anywhere ...

Desktop, tablet or mobile

We have a great looking interface which is designed to work on portable devices and desktop computers alike. Run on your laptop, tablet or mobile while you bake in real-time.

Lesson Recipe Sheets

Build and expand your repertoire

Ready yourself for each lesson with our recipe sheets. View them online, download or print them - they're yours to keep forever.

Track your Progress

Collect all 12 certificates

Course progress is precisely tracked. Take a break and pick up exactly from where you left off.

DofE Community Page

Bakers, gather around ...

Exclusive to DofE Baking Course participants, this is the place where students come to ask questions, get one-on-one help, and even show off their delicious creations.

Free Etoile Bakery Cheat Sheets

Perfect results, every time.

Only previously accessible on our main subscription site, these will be available to students of this course. No more working out quantities and timings, or forgetting ingredients. Take the guesswork out of your kitchen.

Save £££'s ...

... on equipment and supplies with our unique discount code

Cake Stuff is the UK's top online store for cake decorating equipment and sugarcraft supplies. We have teamed up with them to bring students discounted pricing on their entire product range.
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